Radiant Silvergun double vinyl soundtrack published by Data Discs

Jerry on 2020-11-06
London-based publisher Data Discs has pressed the Radiant Silvergun soundtrack to translucent orange vinyl. The two-disc release is available for purchase through distributors Black Screen Records in Cologne and PixelCrib in Melbourne.

In the year 2520, an enormous crystal excavated on Earth summons hostile space vessels to attack the planet. Silvergun pilots stationed on the orbiting Tetra spaceship board their ship to intercept and neutralize the extraterrestrial threat.

The vertical sidescrolling shoot-em-up was designed by Ikaruga developer Treasure for the ST-V arcade board and later ported to the Sega Saturn console. Excerpts from the remastered soundtrack, featuring both the original score and Saturn tracks, are streaming on SoundCloud.

Data Discs' soundtrack publications for Treasure-developed titles also include Ikaruga and Gunstar Heroes.

From the product page:
What begins as a stoic and determined score of recurring motifs, featuring percussion, strings and bells, slowly descends into an unexpectedly reflective and ambient score, with choral passages and a sense of minimalism that completely juxtaposes, but oddly complements, the frantic intensity of the game.
Black Screen Records - Radiant Silvergun Vinyl Soundtrack

PixelCrib - Radiant Silvergun Vinyl Soundtrack