Radiant Silvergun launches, available for Nintendo Switch

Jerry on 2022-09-13
Developer Treasure's Radiant Silvergun launches today, available for Nintendo Switch. The vertical scrolling shoot-em-up was directed by Ikaruga designer Hiroshi Iuchi for the ST-V arcade board, and later ported to the Sega Saturn console.

In the year 2520, an enormous crystal excavated on Earth summons hostile space vessels to attack the planet. Silvergun pilots stationed on the orbiting Tetra spaceship board their ship to intercept and neutralize the extraterrestrial threat.

The 2011 Radiant Silvergun Xbox 360 port supports backward compatibility, playable on Xbox One and Series X|S consoles. In 2019, London-based publisher Data Discs pressed the soundtrack to translucent orange vinyl. The record label's publications for Treasure-developed titles also include Ikaruga and Gunstar Heroes.

Excerpts from the remastered soundtrack, featuring both the original score and Saturn tracks, are streaming on SoundCloud.

From the product page:
Radiant Silvergun, restored by Treasure, is now available! The shoot ‘em up gameplay that made this a legend remains unchanged, but a hidden "Ikaruga-style" shooting mode gives everyone something new. Previously only available in Japan, Radiant Silvergun on Xbox LIVE Arcade also provides leaderboards, co-op play locally or over Xbox LIVE, downloadable replays, and improved visuals making it the version to own.
Xbox - Radiant Silvergun

Nintendo - Radiant Silvergun