Radiant Silvergun slated for release in November through Steam

Jerry on 2023-10-27
Developer Treasure's Radiant Silvergun launches November 3rd for Windows, through Steam. The vertical scrolling shoot-em-up was directed by Ikaruga designer Hiroshi Iuchi for the ST-V arcade board, and later ported to the Sega Saturn console.

In the year 2520, an enormous crystal excavated on Earth summons hostile space vessels to attack the planet. Silvergun pilots stationed on the orbiting Tetra spaceship board their ship to intercept and neutralize the extraterrestrial threat.

In 2019, London-based publisher Data Discs pressed the soundtrack to translucent orange vinyl. Excerpts from the remastered soundtrack, featuring both the original score and Saturn tracks, are streaming on SoundCloud.

Radiant Silvergun is currently available for Nintendo Switch, along with Xbox One and Series X|S consoles through backward compatibility.

From the product page:
The battlefield is a stage with various terrains, including intricate crevices and moving containers, where enemies attack from all directions, up, down, left, and right. Twenty-three bosses await in six highly strategic stages.

There are also secret bonuses that occur when enemies are defeated in a specific order, as well as hidden score items. The key to obtaining a score is to cover all of these items, build your own original attack pattern, and accurately destroy the targeted enemies.
Xbox - Radiant Silvergun

Nintendo - Radiant Silvergun