Cotton Fantasy announced for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC

Jerry on 2021-06-25
Preorders have opened on Strictly Limited for Cotton Fantasy Collector's Edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, which will ship with a soundtrack album CD and retrospective art book.

The standard edition can be preordered domestically through Play-Asia. The extended gameplay trailer previews crossover characters from Success Corp's Umihara Kawase BaZooKa. Music is by Kenichi Arakawa (TOMAZO) and Hagane (steelplus).

ININ Games' Western publication of Cotton REBOOT launched for PS4 and Switch on July 20. Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute is scheduled for release on September 30 in Japan, courtesy of developer City Connection.

Strictly Limited - COTTON FANTASY COLLECTOR'S EDITION (Nintendo Switch)

Play-Asia - Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll Import (PS4/Switch)