Comix Zone soundtrack by Howard Drossin pressed to vinyl

Jerry on 2020-10-21
Publisher Cartridge Thunder has pressed the two-disc Comix Zone soundtrack to vinyl, featuring 16-bit Mega Drive music by composer Howard Drossin.

Produced by Sega Technical Institute (STI) director Roger Hector, the American gaming division oversaw the publication of the "Sega Tunes: Comix Zone" compact disc in August of 1996. The vinyl release includes over 20 tracks from the comic book-themed Sega sidescrolling brawler. A teaser trailer is on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher.

The analog record set ships from distributor PixelCrib in Australia. Excerpts are streaming on the Cartridge Thunder SoundCloud channel.

From the product page:
Get into the zone with the Comix Zone original soundtrack. Released in 1995, Sega's Comix Zone is one of the last great Genesis titles. Composed by Howard Drossin, the soundtrack is up to its inkwell in crunchy, gritty, evocatively 90s Genesis power. The soundtrack is complete with the addition of 1995's Sega Tunes release, featuring studio recordings from Roadkill.
PixelCrib - Comix Zone 2XLP

Cartridge Thunder - (OUT OF STOCK)