Capcom Electone Collection arrives in anticipation of Tokyo concert

Eric on 2020-01-18
Japanese corporation Yamaha began distributing the Electone series of organs in the early 1960s. A precursor to modern digital synthesizers, the home instrument straddled the musical spaces occupied by acoustic piano and electronic music.

The Capcom Electone Collection, now available domestically through Play-Asia, includes arrangements of music from some of the developer's most popular franchises in Japan. Themes from Okami, Mega Man 2, Mega Man X and Monster Hunter are arranged for the Electone as solo performances.

Music from the album will be performed live by Kaori Adachi, Madoka Kusumoto and 826aska on February 8 in Tokyo. The Capcom Electone Collection Concert will take place at the Koto Cultural Center.

Play-Asia - Capcom Electone Collection