Capcom's Breath of Fire I-III Sound Collections streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2016-10-24
The three-volume Breath of Fire Sound Collections series by the Capcom sound team is now available for purchase digitally for the first time outside of Japan.

Split into three separate albums, the full 192-track collection includes music from the Super Nintendo and Sony Playstation role-playing games, composed by Yasuaki Fujita, Yoko Shimomura, Akari Kaida and Yuko Takehara.

The first two installments in the Breath of Fire series are on the Nintendo Switch Online Super Nintendo app. All three digital soundtracks are streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. Breath of Fire I~V digital soundtracks are available for purchase through Steam.

From the Breath of Fire III product page:
He is the last of an extinct race, one with unimaginable powers. Ryu is a dormant dragon, awakened by miners, transformed into an innocent child. Now, as an outcast from society, Ryu must remember his fiery past and regain his powers so he can fulfill his epic destiny…
Amazon Music - Breath of Fire Sound Collections