Brawl Brothers digital soundtrack rushes onto Spotify in Japan

Jerry on 2020-05-21
The digital soundtrack to Jaleco's sidescrolling brawler Brawl Brothers is available for streaming online through the Spotify platform in Japan.

The Super Famicom title is the middle entry in a 16-bit trilogy bookended by Rival Turf and The Peace Keepers.. Brawl debuted in Japan in December of 1992 as "Rushing Beat Ran," and shortly thereafter saw a Western release for the Super Nintendo console.

In March of 2015, the Clarice Disc label in Japan published "Super Rom Cassette Disc In JALECO" to compact disc, compiling music from various Super Nintendo soundtracks, including Brawl Brothers, Rival Turf, Operation Logic Bomb and Super E.D.F. The item is available for purchase stateside through CDJapan on four compact discs.

Brawl Brothers is a featured title in Nintendo Switch Online's Super Nintendo app, along with Jaleco titles The Peace Keepers, Earth Defense Force and Operation Logic Bomb.

CDJapan - Super Rom Cassette Disc In JALECO