Banjo Kazooie: Re-Jiggyed arrangement album vinyl reprinted

Jerry on 2023-03-06
Respawned Records has reprinted the "Banjo Kazooie: Re-Jiggyed" analog record. Composer Grant Kirkhope published the ten-track self-arrangement album last October, available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and other online services.

Rare's 1998 single-player 3D platformer for the Nintendo 64 console stars bear Banjo and supporting character Kazooie, a bird whose wings emerge from the player character's backpack to help him ascend to out-of-reach platforms. The duo are tasked with gathering musical notes and jigsaw pieces to progress through nine explorable areas.

Nintendo of America added Banjo-Kazooie to the Nintendo Switch Online's Nintendo 64 game library back in January 20th. Banjo-Kazooie also is included in the Rare Replay game compilation for the Xbox One console. An additional arrangement is available through Bandcamp, excluded due to licensing issues.

From the product page:
Introducing Grant Kirkhope's own remixed album Banjo Kazooie Re-Jiggyed. This Re-Jiggyed adventure is as true to the classic soundtrack as humanly possible coming straight from the creative mind of Grant Kirkhope. Take a trip up Mumbo's Mountain or even dare to jump in the waters of Treasure Trove Cove in this wonderful masterpiece which has been mastered to take all turntables to a new level.
Respawned Records - Banjo Kazooie: Re-Jiggyed Vinyl

YouTube Music - Banjo Kazooie: Re-Jiggyed (Streaming)