GrimGrimoire OnceMore soundtrack album due out July 28th

Jerry on 2022-04-14
Developer Vanillaware's real-time strategy title GrimGrimoire will receive a remastered port for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles. The PlayStation 2 title directed by George Kamitani first launched in 2007.

The remaster, titled GrimGrimoire OnceMore, will incorporate a widescreen aspect ratio, higher resolution visuals and a fast-forward option. Other features include newly recorded voice acting and an in-game gallery sporting ninety illustrations by Vanillaware staff.

Nippon Ichi Software will publish OnceMore in Japan on July 28th. The soundtrack album ships on two compact discs the same day, featuring a music score by Basiscape studio composers.

Ebten Japan - GrimGrimoire OnceMore Soundtrack