GrimGrimoire OnceMore arrives in North America on April 4th

Jerry on 2023-03-07
Developer Vanillaware's real-time strategy title GrimGrimoire launched for PlayStation 2 in 2007, directed by George Kamitani.

High-definition remaster GrimGrimoire OnceMore arrives in North America on April 4th, incorporating a widescreen aspect ratio, higher resolution visuals and a fast-forward option. Other features include newly recorded voice acting and an in-game gallery sporting ninety illustrations by Vanillaware staff.

A free demo launches today on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store, playable on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PlayStation 5.

The NIS Online Store has opened preorders for GrimGrimoire OnceMore Limited Edition, available separately for PS4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. The physical edition of the game is bundled with the "Spellbinding Symphonies" soundtrack on two compact discs. GrimGrimoire OnceMore

In addition to the physical release, the Digital Deluxe edition includes a digital soundtrack and mini art book. The imported soundtrack album ships domestically from distributor CDJapan on two compact discs, featuring a music score by Basiscape studio composers. A four-minute crossfade trailer for the album can be viewed on YouTube.

NISA America - GrimGrimoire OnceMore Limited Edition

NISA Europe - GrimGrimoire OnceMore Limited Edition

CDJapan - GrimGrimoire OnceMore Soundtrack