Asakusa Light vinyl by Soichi Terada ships from Rush Hour Store

Jerry on 2022-04-16
Asakusa Light by Soichi Terada ships on two analog records from The Rush Hour store in the Netherlands. Rush Hour previously published "Sounds From The Far East," a compilation of music from Terada's Far East Recording label.

The house music album, featured as Bandcamp's album of the day back in January, utilizes the same synthesizers and drum machines that featured in Terada's music produced in the 1990s, preceding his score for PlayStation action game Ape Escape. "Bamboo Fighter" from Asakusa Light can be previewed on SoundCloud.

Terada's vinyl releases Asakusa Light, Sounds from the Far East, and Diving into Minds/Double Spire (Club Mixes) with Masado ship from distributor Cartridge Thunder in Chicago, Illinois.

From the product page:
The set begins with the alien-sounding chords, soft-touch percussion and dawn-friendly warmth of ‘Silent Chord’ and ends on a high via the bouncing string stabs, starlight chords and thickset grooves of ‘Blinker’; in between, you’ll find a deluge of effortlessly feelgood music that’s the aural equivalent of a dopamine rush at sunrise.

There are subtle variations aplenty throughout the album – see the 8-bit lead lines and pulsing electronic textures of ‘Takusambient’, the vintage Tony Humphries flex of ‘Diving Into Minds’ and the effortlessly funky ‘Marimbau’ – but it’s the uniquely atmospheric, vivid and tactile nature of Terada’s loved-up sound that resonates. After well over 30 years in house music, the light in his heart is shining brighter than ever.
Rush Hour Store - Asakusa Light 2xLP

Cartridge Thunder - Asakusa Light 2xLP