Adamantium Rage Super Nintendo score by Dylan Beale on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2023-10-27
Adamantium Rage vinyl soundtrack orders open today at Sneaker Social Club based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Composed by Dylan Beale, the score originates from Acclaim's Super Nintendo platformer, published in 1994.

“I vividly remember when we first played the soundtrack on a bigger set of speakers to the boss,” Beale comments for the liner notes. “[H]is initial reaction was one of amazement that we had created something so ‘real’and different in comparison to everything else out there in terms of video game music, which I remember with great pride and fondness. Comparing to everything out there, it was totally unique- a moment in time.”

Remix "Tri-Fusion Instrumental," with J-Wing's Dubplate Acapella for Me by Sirpixalot can be streamed on the composer's SoundCloud channel. Music tracks "Cinema 2," "Tri-Fusion" and "Tri-Fusion (Extended)" are previewed via Bandcamp. The vinyl release also ships from distributor Planet Wax in the United Kingdom.

From the product page:
When the game came out in 1994, Beale’s soundtrack for the SNES edition stood out from the pack for its gritty beats, deceptively weighty low end and edgy orchestra stabs, but few would have guessed how certain tracks would predict the shape of music to come. Around 2016, the ‘Tri-fusion’ track in particular was picked up on by London-based producer Sir Pixalot as a mind-blowing slice of Eski beat coldness. To prove his point, Pixalot ran an acapella from J-Wing over the track and the results spoke for themselves.
Sneaker Social Club (Bandcamp) - Adamantium Rage OST by Dylan Beale