Wayô Records publishes Actraiser Soundtrack & Symphonic Suite vinyl

Jerry on 2021-01-27
Publisher Wayô Records has pressed the Actraiser Soundtrack & Symphonic Suite by Yûzô Koshiro to vinyl. Orchestral music is overseen by Yûsuke Ichihara and Nijûhachi Haneda and performed by the New Japan BGM Philharmonic Orchestra.

The 30th anniversary double marble blue vinyl release is scheduled to ship in March of 2021, featuring recordings of the Symphonic Suite concert, taking place during the 2018 Ancient Festival event. The vinyl soundtrack publication, featuring original illustrations by Ayano Koshiro, also ships through distributor PixelCrib in Australia.

Wayô Records' 2-CD release of the album is currently available for shipping. The Actraiser 16-bit Super Nintendo soundtrack is available for streaming through Apple Music, under the previously published "Yuzo Koshiro Best Selection, Vol. 1."

Wayô Records - ActRaiser Soundtrack & Symphonic Suite - Vinyl / Compact Disc

PixelCrib - ActRaiser Soundtrack & Symphonic Suite (Vinyl)

Apple Music - Yuzo Koshiro Best Selection, Vol. 1: Actraiser (Original Soundtrack)