September 19, 2017

Samorost 3 scheduled for March 24 release

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2016-03-23
Czech developer Amanita Design has released point-and-click adventure game Samorost 3, available for Windows and Mac operating systems through Steam.

The follow-up to the design team's Machinarium sci-fi title features an original score by Samorost 2 composer Tomáš Dvořák (Floex). Floex's original score and collaborative pre-remixes album are available through iTunes, as well as the musician's Bandcamp page.

From the Steam page: One day, the little space gnome finds a strange magical flute that fell down from the sky, and with its help he is able to build a new spaceship, explore five different planets and four moons, solve many mysteries, and also find out where the flute is coming from.

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