Zuntata 30th anniversary album reZonance world streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2023-01-10
Pressed to four compact discs in winter of 2017, Zuntata 30th anniversary album "reZonance world" contains arrangements of Taito game titles, including Darius, Space Invaders and RayForce series music.

There are separate themes for each disc of the CD box set. "Zuntata Night 2017" serves as an 18-year retrospective of the Zuntata Night club mix album, this time arranged by COSIO as hard techno covers. "reZonance BEST" archives popular music tracks from Taito games selected through an online poll.

"L'ab-normal Limited 3" and " L'ab-normal Limited 4." include live performances recorded in 2017, unused music, opening demoes, and prototypes from early Dariusburst builds and other soundtracks. The nearly five-hour album is streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple Music. A cross-fade trailer can be viewed on the Zuntata YouTube.

YouTube Music - reZonance world -ZUNTATA 30TH ANNIVERSARY- (Streaming)