Streaming Arrow Records restocks Ys Healing on vinyl and CD

Jerry on 2021-08-14
Record label Streaming Arrow has restocked Nihon Falcom's "Ys Healing" arrangement album by the Falcom Sound Team.

First published in December of 2001, the ten-track compilation revisits themes from Ys I and Ys II, now for the first time on vinyl. The physical release can be purchased on double vinyl or compact disc and ships from Carlsbad, California.

The analog record publication is also available through distributors Vinyl Luxe, Black Screen Records in Europe, and PixelCrib in Australia. The digital edition of the "Ys Healing" arrangement album is streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music.

From the product page:
From an angelic choir and music box ladened arrangement of "A Still Time" to the cold yet graceful Waltz-styled arrangement of "Ice Ridge of Noltia". Ys Healing stands out as one of the most unique arrangement albums that Nihon Falcom has published to date.
Streaming Arrow Records - Falcom Sound Team jdk - Ys Healing 2xLP / CD

PixelCrib - Ys Healing Vinyl

Black Screen Records - Ys Healing - Vinyl / CD

Vinyl Luxe - Ys Healing Vinyl

YouTube Music - Ys Healing (Streaming)