War Hospital soundtrack album by Michał Korniewicz streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2023-12-03
Independent developer Brave Lamb Studio of Warsaw, Poland set out to present gameplay scenarios that challenge the player with making morally difficult choices. Real-time strategy game War Hospital is an expression of that desire.

Taking place in 1918, a retired British combat medic manages a field hospital, treating wounded soldiers during World War I. The soundtrack album composed by Michał Korniewicz is now available for streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited, preceding launch in January.

"Composing music for War Hospital was a unique opportunity to tackle war themes from another perspective," writes the musician. "We're playing not as a heroic soldier fighting against a clear enemy, but rather overseeing a medical corps, where nothing is easy, nothing is 'black and white.' Music enhances those feelings of uncertainty, towering responsibilities, and ever-present time-pressure, combining unsettling textural soundscapes with orchestral sounds and distinctive soloists."

War Hospital is slated for release on January 11th of 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows through Steam and GOG. Main theme "Your Call" is previewed on the composer's YouTube channel. Mastering is by Kamil Biedrzycki with Tomasz Orłowski on trumpet.

From the product page:
Be the ray of hope among the darkness of war. Manage a British WW1 field hospital in a 3D isometric RTS where you lead the medical corps instead of soldiers. Fight for life, soul, and humanity in a world that rejected them in a unique society survival game.
YouTube Music - War Hospital Original Game Soundtrack