Virtual Virtual Reality compilation by scntfc debuts on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2023-09-23
The "Virtual Virtual Reality + AR + 2" compilation by Oxenfree series composer Scntfc is now available through Bandcamp. The 49-track album bundles the scores from the Virtual Virtual Reality duolology, together with TendAR bonus tracks.

In 2018, LA-based developer Tender Claws created the TendAR app. Virtual pet fish Guppy uses facial recognition to feed on laughter, surprise, and tears.

Virtual Virtual Reality introduces fifty explorable virtual realities to SteamVR, Meta Rift & Quest, and PlayStation VR. Taking place in the near future, Virtual Labor System program Activitude seeks artisanal human companionship for their premiere A.I. clients. Along the way, users can uncover the story of how Activitude evolved from a humble VR start-up to an all-purpose “human purpose provider.”

Darkly funny action-adventure game Virtual Virtual Reality 2 for SteamVR, Meta Quest 2 and Rift challenges players to rescue abandoned avatars from a dying metaverse, while vacuuming up debris to use as fuel and ammo. Each new avatar-roommate introduces unique new tools to aid in the return to meatspace.

From the product page:
When a metaverse shuts down, what happens to the avatars left behind? In this darkly funny action adventure game, pilot your mech body through the chaos of a dying metaverse, rescuing abandoned avatars along the way.
Tender Claws - Virtual Virtual Reality 2