Top Racer Collection debuts for Windows and consoles

Jerry on 2024-03-07
QUByte Interactive has published Top Racer Collection, bundling remasters of Gremlin Interactive Super Nintendo titles Top Gear, Top Gear 2, and Top Gear 3000. The racing game compilation adds Top Racer Crossroads, an original addition introducing new vehicles and exclusive content.

Launching with support for English and Brazilian Portuguese menus, Top Racer Collection offers an online mode between compatible platforms, along with two-player local play and up to four players in Top Racer 3000. Music for the game series is by Patrick Phelan, Ashley Bennet, and Paul Bennet. "Top Gear 2: Original Soundtrack (Remastered)" is streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Top Racer Collection is available for Windows through Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S consoles.

From the product page:
Top Racer Collection brings back the 90s classic in one incredible package, bringing together three iconic games from the renowned racing franchise. With online features, get up to speed and experience the nostalgic mix of action and addictive gameplay!

The Top Racer Collection features classic titles such as Top Racer, Top Racer 2 and Top Racer 3000. In addition, the collection will feature new and exclusive content. Originally released for older systems, Top Racer won over gamers with its engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics and iconic soundtracks.
Nintendo - Top Racer Collection

YouTube Music - Top Gear 2 Original Soundtrack