The Pathless: Meditations album published through Bandcamp

Jerry on 2023-02-01
The Pathless: Meditations album assembles in-game score by Austin Wintory not found in the narrative-focused soundtrack album release. The Pathless is due out tomorrow on Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.

Music for Giant Squid's action-adventure title was recorded at Bias Studios in Washington DC with the Tuvan Alash Ensemble, resulting in a nearly three-hour music score. A behind-the-scenes video of recording sessions can be viewed on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

The Pathless is currently available for PS4 and PlayStation 5, along with Windows, Mac and iOS devices, published by Annapurna Interactive. The twelve-track Meditations is available through Bandcamp, featuring album art by Matt Nava, also streaming on Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube, and Spotify.

From the product page:
The initial soundtrack album focused on the primary narrative beats of the story, specifically the Hunter's journey from start to end. As a result, a huge amount of the music was cut or heavily abbreviated. This album provides most of that cut music, and is also more representative of how one might experience it in-game. That said, the more exciting variations that are possible are skipped here too, to make for a hopefully very relaxed, introspective listening experience.
Apple Music - The Pathless: Meditations (Streaming)