Wired Productions publishes The Falconeer double vinyl soundtrack

Jerry on 2023-03-18
Featuring music composed by Benedict Nichols of Omno, Wired Productions' The Falconeer double vinyl soundtrack ships from distributor Black Screen Records in Europe. The BAFTA-nominated air combat game from solo developer Tomas Sala launched in November of 2020 for Windows and Xbox consoles.

The "Warrior Edition" debuted one year later, including "The Hunter" and "Edge of the World" downloadable contents, adding a new player class, side quests and boss encounters. A whole new perspective was added with the launch of VR compatibility with a free Steam update back in December.

The analog record release includes a selection of tracks from the game, decorated with original art by illustrator Haley Wakefield. The digital soundtrack is available for purchase through steam, along with streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music. "Enter the Fray" and "Pesky Marauders" are previewed on the publisher's YouTube channel.

The Falconeer is currently available for Windows through Steam and the Epic Games Store, along with Xbox One and Series X|S, PS4 and PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

From the product page:
Award-winning composer Benedict Nichols brings together an eclectic cathedral of a soundtrack that summons the dual nature of The Falconeer; nuanced, but yet dynamic! Steeped in a sense of nature, the score is layered with the beautiful and frenetic, the soundtrack invokes both the transcendental waters and high-energy of aerial combat by using everything from Mongolian throat-singing to razor-edge synthesis, organs, and Balkan choirs.
Black Screen Records - The Falconeer Vinyl Soundtrack)

YouTube Music - The Falconeer (Original Game Soundtrack)