Tales of Arise Vinyl Collection ships from Bandai Namco Store

Jerry on 2021-08-23
The Bandai Namco Entertainment Store has opened preorders for the Tales of Arise Vinyl Collection. Featuring music by series composer Motoi Sakuraba, the item ships from the North America and Europe online stores.

Totaling two hours of music, the Vinyl Collection includes four heavyweight 180-gram LPs, containing 35 tracks from the action role-playing game. Tales of Arise is due out on September 10 for Windows, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

From the product page:

“For the first time in the “Tales of” series, I was able to use a lot of live sounds, such as live strings, full orchestra, mixed chorus, and a band for the soundtrack. In the past, I recorded piano, organ, accent drums, and other instruments that I know how to play, but this time I was able to record the composition I’ve always wanted to. Although some of the music was created with digital instruments, I think the taste is a little different, and the songs longer, from previous “Tales of” music I've worked on.
Bandai Namco Store (North America)- TALES OF ARISE : THE VINYL COLLECTION