Stray Souls by Jukai Studio slated for release on Halloween

Jerry on 2023-09-07
Developer Jukai Studio has announced the release date for Stray Souls. The third-person psychological horror game will launch on October 31st, published by Versus Evil.

Founded in 2022, the independent developer set out to immersive players in experiences inspired by the classics of the Japanese survival horror genre. Joining director Artur Laczkowski and the dev team, Yamaoka comments, via Xbox Wire, "As the sound director, I must think about how I can contribute to this work. How can I increase its artistic merit? I tend to engage with all content creation with that in mind. That is all."

"Red" (instrumental) from "Fear Fest" Stray Souls trailer

Stray Souls introduces players to the haunted town of Aspen Falls. Protagonist Daniel has inheriting the house of his estranged grandmother. Players will guide Daniel in solving classic gameplay puzzles and engage in horror combat against gruesome creatures, uncovering a malevolent plot set in motion at his birth.

Developed using Unreal Engine 5, the horror game features advanced facial animations. The developers are seeking to incentivize multiple playthroughs by mixing up how events transpire. Enemy encounters, item location, and weather patterns are randomized, paired with branching dialog options.

Music for Stray Souls is by composers Pete Wicher and Akira Yamaoka. The "Splintered Minds" trailer, scored by Yamaoka, can be viewed on the publisher's YouTube channel. Stray Souls is slated for release for Windows through Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series S|X consoles.

From the product page:
Unlock the secrets hidden within the haunted town of Aspen Falls, featuring gruesome enemy encounters, epic bosses, cunning puzzles, and a deep story where not everyone is who they seem.

Play as Daniel – an average teenager whose life is forever changed after inheriting the home of his estranged grandmother and meeting a mysterious woman with intimate knowledge about his family, the house, and its shocking connection to his past. The gameplay elements inspired by classic horror combat with soulslike precision, put a fresh spin on the modern action-horror genre.
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