The Legend of Steel Empire published for Nintendo Switch

Jerry on 2024-01-23
ININ Games has published The Legend of Steel Empire for Nintendo Switch. The enhanced port with improved graphics and controls is set in an "Age of Steel" dominated by limitless steam engine technology.

Developed by Hot-B under lead game designer Yoshinori Satake, the steampunk-themed sidescrolling shoot-em-up depicts a fantasy vision of the 19th century, spanning seven intricately designed stages and high energy boss fights.

Music for the game is by Noriyuki Iwadare, Yoshiaki Kubotera, and Isao Mizoguchi. Steel Empire for 3DS Original Soundtrack is streaming on Spotify, arranged by Katsutoshi Hasegawa. The Mega Drive soundtrack is streaming on Apple Music and YouTube Music, courtesy of Clarice Disc.

An enhanced port of the Mega Drive shoot-em up previously launched for Nintendo 3DS and Windows. Steel Empire Chronicles Special Limited Edition bundles the revision, together with the Mega Drive original, the Game Boy Advance port, and adding to the mix the 8-bit shoot-em-up Over Horizon by Hot B.

From the product page:
In a dystopian world where the Motorhead Empire has conquered and enslaved virtually the entire planet, mammoth battleships, armored locomotives, and invincible fortresses dominate the skies. However, there is hope for the republic of Silverhead, and you are the only one who can save it. Take control of the Striker airplane or Zeppelin with an aerial mine launcher and engage in intense euro-shmup action, battling enemies both in the air and on the ground, and using devastating screen-clearing attacks in tight spots. With improved graphics and controls, Steel Empire, originally released in the early 90s for a 16-bit console, has been ported to various handheld consoles. Join the fight and defeat the Motorhead Empire.
Meridiem Games - The Legend of Steel Empire (Nintendo Switch)

Strictly Limited - Steel Empire Chronicles

Steel Empire Mega Drive Soundtrack - Apple Music / YouTube Music