Songs of Supergiant Games orchestral collection on Steam

Jerry on 2020-12-05
Supergiant Games has published their 10th Anniversary Orchestral Collection on vinyl. Orchestral music conducted by Austin Wintory was recorded at Studio Two of Abbey Road in London.

Vocalist Ashley Barrett performs each song, composed by Darren Korb. The 43-minute album includes vocal tracks from "Bastion," "Transistor," "Pyre" and "Hades." Preorders are open at publisher Supergiant, and distributor Black Screen Records in Cologne.

The digital edition of "Songs of Supergiant Games" is available for purchase through Bandcamp and Steam, and streaming on the Apple Music and Spotify platforms.

From the product page:
We traveled from our San Francisco headquarters to the world-famous Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios in London to record the unique orchestral arrangements found on this album. Our composer and audio director Darren Korb carefully supervised every detail of this production, while providing vocals and guitar on the album; longtime collaborator Ashley Barrett also sings for each piece, all to the accompaniment of an orchestra conducted by Austin Wintory.
Apple Music - Songs of Supergiant Games (Streaming)