Shinobi non Grata launches for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Jerry on 2023-08-17
Developed by Studio Pico and Esquadra, the digital edition console port of sprite-based platformer Shinobi non Grata has launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles. Sporting pixel art reminiscent of the PC Engine era, the Windows edition previously launched via Steam.

Set during the ninth year of the Tenpō era, a time of turmoil in 19th century Japan, Shinobi non Grata stars protagonist Kaina, a descendent of the Fuuma shinobi clan wielding the legendary Murasame blade. When Genba Kisaragi, leader of the Oboro Ittō clan, forms an alliance with demons in an effort to overthrowing the bakufu government, Kaina must take up arms against these otherworldly foes.

The Special Limited Edition physical release for PS4 and Switch is available for shipping from Strictly Limited Games, bundled with a colorful game manual and soundtrack on compact disc. Music for the game is by Music Macro Language (MML) sequencer chiptune composer hydden of Tokyo, Japan.

From the product page:
Shinobi non Grata is a 2D platform game where you play as Kaina, a descendant of the Fuuma shinobi clan, and fight against the Oboro Ittō clan who is scheming to overthrow the government by teaming up with demons.

Cut down your foes using your trusty sword Murasame! When you’re in a pinch, use your Shuriken, Kusarigama and Elekiter! Fight your way through an abandoned shrine, a valley of ghosts, a ninja mansion and defeat the boss in the end.
Xbox - Shinobi non Grata

Strictly Limited - Shinobi non Grata: Special Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4