Cartridge 1987 cover album Rétro Découverte published via Bandcamp

Jerry on 2022-08-03
"Rétro Découverte" by Cartridge 1987 of Paris serves as background music on Season 3 of YouTuber Edward's French-language channel "Retro Discovery," a chronicling of hidden gems from old school videogame consoles.

In isolation, "Découverte" functions as an eclectic 18-track game cover compilation; a studio album designed specifically to retain the original compositions' role as background music complementing visual media. Previously exclusive to SoundCloud, the album can be purchased in your file format of choice through Bandcamp.

The nostalgic covers for the game commentary series, also streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music, feature themes from classic Nintendo software: namely The legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Super Mario RPG and Super Mario 64. Deep cuts are included as well, in the form of themes from Atari ST title Bubble Ghost and Game Boy game Dr. Franken.

Cartridge 1987 arrangements of "Zabriskie Point," "Echo Basin" and "Kara's Theme" from the dystopian third-person action shooter Rollerdrome, which launched yesterday for PlayStation and PCs, are featured on the soundtrack album by composer Electric Dragon.

From the liner notes:
This album is the end result of a collaboration between Cartridge 1987 and the YouTuber Edward who created the YouTube channel « Retro Discovery ». With over 200,000 subscribers, this YouTube channel aims to highlight everything related to the « Retro Gaming » culture and the nostalgia that surrounds it.

This album puts together all the musical credits of the 3rd season of Edward’s YouTube channel (the 2021/2022 season). All the remixes of this album come from the games featured in Edward’s videos.

"This album is like a tribute to the original composers of these tracks, who have carried these videogames even further than expected, thanks to their musical talents." Cartridge 1987
YouTube Music - Rétro Découverte