Ray’z Arcade Chronology launches March of 2023 in Japan

Jerry on 2022-07-05
Taito's Rayforce series compilation, entitled Ray’z Arcade Chronology, launches in March of 2023 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. The shoot-em-up retrospective developed by M2 bundles Rayforce, RayStorm and RayCrisis, along with HD remasters of the latter two titles.

The Special Limited Edition release of the game in Japan includes various bonus items. "Ray'z Music Live: STRAHL," pressed on Blu-ray and compact disc, archives live performances by "BETTA FLASH," formed by vocalist Cyua and Rayforce series composer Tamayo Kawamoto, aka TAMAYO.

Back in April, City Connection published Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute, centering on the home console port of RayForce, released as "Galactic Attack" on the Sega Saturn in the West. Music from the Rayforce trilogy, composed by Kawamoto, is streaming on Spotify.

Domestic preorders are open for Ray’z Arcade Chronology: Special Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 at distributor Play-Asia. Preorders open at Strictly Limited on Sunday, July 31st.

From the product page:
Ray’z Arcade Chronology includes three titles: RayForce, RayStorm and RayCrisis. The latter two 3D titles include enhanced HD versions. Rediscover the trilogy with 5 Versions of 3 titles in a box full of collectibles and limited-edition items and relive the excitement of epic battles from outer space to cyber space.

One of Taito’s classic SHMUPS, the Ray Series’ outstanding feature has always been its lock-on mechanics and attack layer system. The former allows the player to target multiple enemies at once and destroy them with one deadly homing attack, while the latter features enemies on the same plane as the player as well as the one below them, necessitating a keen eye and quick reflexes to not be caught out. All three were pushing the boundaries of graphic fidelity at the time of their respective releases and still are a feast for the eyes today.
Strictly Limited - Ray’z Arcade Chronology

Play-Asia - Ray’z Arcade Chronology: Special Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch

Play-Asia - Ray’z Arcade Chronology: Special Limited Edition - PlayStation 4

Taito - 『レイズ アーケード クロノロジー』