RayForce soundtrack and Rubbing Beat covers published by Zuntata

Jerry on 2009-12-09
Taito's vertical space shoot-em-up RayForce debuted in arcades in 1994 and later made its way to the Sega Saturn as "Layer Section" in Japan and "Galactic Attack" in the West.

Composed by by Tamayo Kawamoto of Taito's Zuntata sound studio, the original soundtrack for the Taito F3 arcade cabinet hardware is available for streaming through the Apple Music and Spotify platforms. Also on the streaming services is the musician's 1997 self-arrangement album "Rubbing Beat," featuring the Suzukake Children's Choir on closing track "Q.E.P.D."

Before joining Zuntata, Kawamoto worked at Capcom and composed the music for Commando. In 1989, having completed the score to Ghouls 'n Ghosts, she collaborated with Capcom's Alph Lyla band and sound operator Kimitaka Matsumae on several arrangements for the platformer's soundtrack CD release.

For Taito, Kawamoto composed the score for two Rayforce sequels, paired with arrangement albums: RayStorm and RayStorm Neu Tanz Mix, followed by RayCrisis, and arrangement album Rayons de l'Air, featuring Metal Gear Solid series vocalist Donna Burke.

Rayforce is currently available for purchase digitally for iOS and Android devices.

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