Raiden IV x Mikado remix soundtrack published through Steam

Jerry on 2023-02-04
This week, NIS America published the Raiden IV x MIKADO remix digital soundtrack through Steam. Music for the game is by series composer Go Sato, with additional arrangements by various artists, including the Go Sato Band, Heavy Metal Raiden, and O.T.K.

Raiden IV x MIKADO remix Special Edition for PS4 consoles ships from the NIS Online store. The Special Edition of developer Moss's vertical scrolling title includes the game on physical media, bundled with the remastered soundtrack on two compact discs.

"Mikado Remix" adds new levels, bullet-patterns, and modes, including Arcade, OverKill, Additional, Score Attack, and Boss Rush. In addition to Windows, the digital release is also currently available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S consoles.

From the product page:
A sci-fi shoot 'em up for the ages! Raiden IV x MIKADO remix combines the original arcade experience with modern-day features, allowing this series to perform like never before. With a remastered soundtrack, vertical screen play, new battle modes, and more, it's time to take off and take 'em down!

Experience the return of this classic arcade shoot 'em up as Raiden IV x MIKADO remix soars onto PC! Enjoy an exhilarating lineup of content including brand-new levels, combat modes, play styles, and more. This sci-fi shooter launches gameplay to new heights with a remastered soundtrack and the addition of vertical screen play, allowing players to capture the original arcade experience like never before.
NIS America - Raiden IV x MIKADO remix Special Edition (PS4)