Drainus lands on Nintendo Switch, published by Playism

Jerry on 2023-02-03
Independently developed by Team Ladybug, in collaboration with Why so serious, Inc., Drainus debuted for Windows through Steam back in May.

This week publisher Playism ported the story-driven sidescrolling shoot-em-up to Nintendo Switch. Players join protagonists Irina and Ghenie on board the stolen Drainus fighter ship to take on the Kharlal Empire. The Drainus is armed with a Reflector capable of absorbing energy projectiles to enhance its functions, utilize new weapons and launch counterattacks.

The downloadable soundtrack, composed by peposoft, is available through Steam. Strictly Limited's Drainus Collector’s Edition for Switch ships with a game manual, Material Collection Book and an exclusive manga, alongside the soundtrack album on compact disc.

From the product page:
The Planet Halpax is located in the far reaches of space, suffering from the oppressive rule of the Kharlal Empire. One of the slaves residing there is battling an illness. He must return home to the faraway planet of Earth to be cured of the disease, known as "Planetary Compatibility Disorder".His daughter, also a slave, is both devastated by her father's illness and helpless to do anything about it.

At that moment, a humanoid named Ghenie, who looks strangely like a frog, appears and says, "I have come from 50 years in the future. A galactic war is about to break out, in which more than 5000 planets will be annihilated by the Kharlal Empire. I have come to this time period to stop that war and the oppressive rule of the Kharlal Empire. I need your help." Why me? What can I do? Irina had no idea what was going on, but her father's illness was worsening by the minute. With no time to hesitate and nowhere else to turn, she takes Gehnie's green hand and sets off...
Strictly Limited - Drainus Collector’s Edition