Ship to Shore publishes Rad Vinyl Soundtrack LP

Eric on 2021-08-07
Ship to Shore Media has published Rad: Original Video Game Soundtrack as a vinyl LP.

Pressed on limited edition pink and purple splatter vinyl, the LP includes 13 tracks from composer David Gregory Earl’s synth-heavy, ‘80s-style soundtrack. Completing the package is a download code for the full 26-track digital soundtrack.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the 3D action roguelike casts the player as a teenager searching for devices called respirators, which could save mankind. As you explore, the radiation around you enables you to mutate, granting you superpowers … but making you less human in the process.

The LP comes with a metallic slipcase that features new artwork designed by developer Double Fine’s Lee Petty. This is the first time the Rad soundtrack has been available on physical media. Preorders are available through the publisher in Brooklyn, and distributors Black Screen Records in Cologne, PixelCrib in Melbourne, and Light in the Attic in Seattle.

Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Rad is available for Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and due out on Xbox One in 2019.

From the product page:
Wearing its 80’s influences proudly on its sleeve, the Roguelike post-apocalyptic action-romp RAD - developed by Double Fine Productions and published by the legendary Bandai Namco Entertainment - features a music score so authentic you’d swear it was created in the decade that brought us leg warmers & spandex and not in 2019 by composer David Gregory Earl. Part synth, part rock, all awesome, RAD is not one to be missed...
Ship to Shore - Rad Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

Black Screen Records - RAD (Original Soundtrack) by David Earl Gregory

PixelCrib - Rad Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

Light in the Attic - Rad (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

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