Quake III Arena Dreamcast Soundtrack published through Bandcamp

Jerry on 2023-03-31
The official soundtrack album for the Sega Dreamcast edition of Quake III Arena is published through music composer Aubrey Hodges' Bandcamp page.

The multiplayer first-person shooter was originally developed by Id Software and released for Windows in December of 1999. Unlike predecessors, the title eschews a single-player mode along the lines of Doom, instead emulating the multiplayer mode with AI-controlled adversaries.

Offering four-player cross-play between console and PCs, the Dreamcast port was handled by Raster Productions. Formed by former Midway Games developers, the studio based in Bellevue, Washington was previously responsible for the Quake II port for Nintendo 64 home consoles.

The Quake III Arena game score was composed by Hodges, in collaboration with guitarist Dale Stump. The duo previously scored Midway Studios San Diego's Offroad Thunder arcade racing title. Both albums are available via Hodges' Bandcamp page.

Bandcamp - Quake 3 Arena Dreamcast: Official Soundtrack