Psyvariar Original Soundtrack published through streaming platforms

Jerry on 2023-03-27
Success Corporation developed vertically scrolling shoot-em-up Psyvariar for arcades in 2000, utilizing Taito's G-NET system hardware. A PlayStation 2 "Complete Edition" compilation emerged in 2002, bundling console ports Psyvariar: Medium Unit and arranged edition Psyvariar Revision, localized for Europe the following year.

The Psyvariar digital soundtrack is now available for streaming through Aamazon Music Unlimited, Spotify and YouTube Music, bundling 35 music tracks from the various iterations of the Success title. Music for the game is by WASi303, MR2151, Misako Tago, and ORE808. A crossfade sample trailer can be viewed on the Success YouTube channel.

Published in 2019, the HD remake Psyvariar Delta is available for Windows through Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Both the music score and Cyberbattler DLC music, arranged by Yasuhisa Watanabe, Daisuke Matsumoto and Takashi Okamoto, can be purchased via Dispatch Games' Bandcamp page.

From the YouTube trailer description:
猛烈な敵弾を「BUZZ」せよ!斬新なシステムでデビューした シューティングゲームのサウンドトラックです。 「ミディアムユニット」「リビジョン」、「コンプリートエディション」の楽曲を収録。 エレクトリックな世界観と抒情的なメロディが折り重なるサウンドはシューターの心を鷲掴みにしました。
Linkcore - Psyvariar Original Soundtrack