Detective mystery Process of Elimination treated to Deluxe Edition

Jerry on 2022-12-28
The NIS Online store has opened preorders for detective mystery Process of Elimination Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The bundle includes the physical edition of the game, soundtrack on compact disc, hardcover art book and keychain box.

Directed by Munenori Hirose, the adventure game follows unremarkable detective Wato Hojo as he joins the Detective Alliance on the mysterious island of Morgue to investigate a string of murders tied to the reigning Quartering Duke. In addition to the physical release, a Deluxe Edition will include the digital download, digital soundtrack, and mini art book.

Process of Elimination is scheduled for release on April 11th of 2023. Music for the game is by Hisa Aihara, aka a_hisa. Opening theme "Kotonoha" is composed by Ikumi Aoyama and performed by Anzu Suzuki. Excerpts from the soundtrack are streaming on the Nippon Ichi YouTube channel.

From the product page:
Team up with 13 different detectives, each with their own unique skills, tools, and personalities. Explore key locations around the island of Morgue and engage in choice-based dialogue to obtain useful evidence for each case. Carry out investigations on an interactive map of the crime scene.

Use your “Denouement” ability to absorb critical information, predict the future, and gather clues while piecing together the truth of each murder. As the secret headquarters of the Detective Alliance the island of Morgue is host to a number of mystifying and dangerous areas. Explore a variety of vivid locales including a maze, a research facility, and the Alliance’s manor.
NIS America - Process of Elimination Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch)

NIS America - Process of Elimination Limited Edition (PS4)