Pocky & Rocky Reshrined soundtrack CD ships from CDJapan

Jerry on 2022-09-23
Publisher Sweep Record's Pocky & Rocky Reshrined soundtrack ships on compact disc from distributor CDJapan. The latest installment in Natsume Atari's reboot series featured music by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki.

Natsume Atari's Tengo Project began with The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors, a remake of Super Nintendo title The Ninja Warriors. The remake allows players to choose between arrangements of Iwatsuki's Super Nintendo score from The Ninja Warriors Again by Natsume or, alternatively, Zuntata's score for Taito's 1987 arcade title The Ninja Warriors.

The second installment in the Tengo Project series was Wild Guns Reloaded. Sweep Record's soundtrack album release includes both the 16-bit Super Nintendo score and the remake's arranged score. Wild Guns is a featured title on the Nintendo Switch Online's Super Nintendo Entertainment System library.

ININ Games has published the physical release of sprite-based shoot-em up Pocky & Rocky Reshrined in English-language regions, inspired by Natsume's Pocky and Rocky duology for Super Nintendo. Strictly Limited Games' Collector's Edition for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 ships with the soundtrack album on compact disc, game manual, postcard set, and other bonus items.

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