Mystery visual novel Paranormasight features music by Hidenori Iwasaki

Jerry on 2023-03-16
Horror-adventure visual novel Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo has launched for Nintendo Switch and Windows through Steam, along with iOS and Android devices.

Players are invited to seek out and converse with suspicious characters, investigating clues surrounding an unsettling local ghost story. For the setting of the urban legends narrative adventure game, Square Enix partnered the Sumida City Tourism Division to photograph scenery from the neighborhood in Tokyo, using a 360-degree camera to provide a detailed environment to explore.

Director and scenario writer Takanari Ishiyama and character designer Gen Kobayashi of The World Ends With You previously collaborated on mobile title Schoolgirl Strikers. Music for the game is by Front Mission 4 composer Hidenori Iwasaki. Featured on the soundtrack are orchestrator Natsumi Kameoka, along with bassist and arranger Ryu Kawamura.

Paranormasight's soundtrack trailers is streaming on the Square Enix YouTube channel. Excerpts of all music tracks are streaming on digital music store Ototoy.

From the product page:
Set during the Showa Period (1926-89) in Tokyo’s Sumida City, Honjo, PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo is a multi-layered collection of spine-chilling ghost stories centred around several protagonists who possess the “power of curses”.

Playing from the viewpoint of a number of cursed characters, players will investigate the mysteries of Honjo. During the day players will explore mysterious areas of the city, solve puzzles and find new clues to help them unravel the mysteries behind these seven deadly curses. Come nightfall, they’ll hunt or be hunted by other curse bearers. Players will have to master control of their own powers while working out how not to fall foul to the predations of those held by others during this supernatural ordeal.
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