Mega Man 4 celebrates 31st anniversary of launch

Jerry on 2022-12-06
Capcom published Rockman 4 for the Nintendo Famicom on Deceber 6th of 1991. The sprite-based 8-bit platformer features chipmusic by Minae Fujii, credited as "Ojalin," with sound supervision by Yasuaki Fujita, aka "Bun Bun."

Mega Man 4 returned in 1999 as part of the Rockman Complete Works collection for the Sony PlayStation console, adding a save feature, a "navi mode" with tips to help guide players, and an arranged music score. Mega Man 4 Sound Collection includes both the NES soundtrack and PlayStation arrangements. The album can be purchased through Steam and is streaming online on Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Mega Man 4 is included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection for Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Laced Records' Mega Man 1-11: The Collection six-disc vinyl box set ships from distributors Black Screen Records in Europe and PixelCrib in Australia.

From the product page:
A year after the destruction of Gamma, and Dr. Wily's defeat, the world is still at peace. One day a mysterious letter arrives for Dr. Light from an unknown scientist named Dr. Mikhail Cossack. Dr. Cossack plans to eliminate Mega Man and prove he is the greatest robot designer of all time.

It’s up to Mega Man to save the day once again. Mega Man 4 provides action based game play like the earlier games in the series. Rush, Mega Man's canine companion, is back to battle the baddies. Mega Man also has the ability to charge up energy inside his Arm Cannon, allowing him to fire larger and more damaging blasts.
PixelCrib - Mega Man 1-11: The Collection (Limited Edition 6xLP Box Set)

Black Screen Records - Mega Man 1-11: The Collection (Limited Edition 6xLP Box Set)