Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Plus planned for release in October

Jerry on 2024-05-09
Spike Chunsoft has slated dark fantasy detective action game Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Plus for release on October 1st.

The expanded port for Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S implements 4K visuals and improved overall performance, while adding a new gallery mode for cutscenes and music tracks.

Too Kyo Games Records previously published composer Masafumi Takada's "Noise of Neon" soundtrack, pressed on four compact discs in Japan. The box set, containing 102 music tracks, ships domestically from distributor CDJapan.

A three-minute crossfade trailer with excerpts from the music score is streaming on the publisher's YouTube channel. Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

From the product page:
A city of rain is gripped by innumerable unsolved mysteries, under the complete control of a megacorporation. Master Detectives from around the world, each possessing unique powers, must rise to the challenge of uncovering the truth. With Shinigami by his side, Yuma joins the investigation as a trainee of the detective agency.

The story progresses through investigation in the "real world" to collect clues needed to solve a case, then conquering the "Mystery Labyrinth" with the clues gathered. Uncover the truth by making full use of your evidence in the Mystery Labyrinth.
PlayStation - Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Plus

CDJapan - Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Original Soundtrack