Preorders open for Lost Tapes 17 vinyl LP by Chip Tanaka

Jerry on 2024-06-08
Record label Super Fuji Discs has announced the publication of a collection of seventeen ambient tracks from composer Hirokazu Tanaka's unreleased demo recordings. The Lost Tapes 17 vinyl is planned for release on September 25th in Japan.

"'Lost Tapes 17' is composed of 17 tracks selected from the demo tape collection "Lost Tapes" released in 2021," writes Tanaka, "and the second collection "More Lost Tapes" to be released in July 2024. Two of these tracks are not included in either CD."

Chips Tanaka's Lost Tapes premiered on compact disc in March of 2021, selecting 25 music tracks dating back to the '80s and '90s. A crossfade trailer can be viewed on the DIW by diskunion YouTube channel. A second installment, titled "More Lost Tapes," is scheduled for release on two compact discs on July 24th. The compilation selects 50 music tracks, recorded between 1981 and 2010.

Preorders have opened for the Lost Tapes 17 vinyl LP at distributors Light in the Attic in Seattle, Black Screen Records in Europe, Play-Asia, and disk union in Japan.

Light in the Attic - Lost Tapes 17 Vinyl LP

Black Screen Records - Lost Tapes 17 Vinyl LP / More Lost Tapes (CD)

Play-Asia - Lost Tapes (CD) / Lost Tapes 17 Vinyl LP

CDJapan - Lost Tapes (CD) / Django (CD) / Domingo (CD) / Domani (CD)

disk union - Lost Tapes - たなかひろかず / More Lost Tapes / Lost Tapes 17 Vinyl LP