Kohta Takahashi's Reiwa Type V concept album debuts on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2023-11-28
Earlier today, Kohta "SOLIDSTATE" Takahashi's concept album "Reiwa Type V" debuted on Bandcamp, revisiting the style of the R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 PlayStation soundtrack.

"I created a soundtrack based on my fantasy of the 2023 (REIWA 5 in Japanese calendar) version of a racing game with drama like Ridge Racer Type 4," the musician says of the concept album. Takahashi composed five music tracks for Namco Bandai's 1998 racing game, including "Urban Fragments" and "Naked Glow." For the 20th anniversary remix album published in 2014, he contributed a self-arrangement of "Move Me."

The previously released album "Reiwa Type 4" contains eleven original compositions created in the style of the racing game franchise. A 16-minute preview can be viewed on the composer's YouTube channel.

Bandcamp - REIWA TYPE V