Irem Collection Volume 3 Collector's Edition bundled with soundtrack

Jerry on 2023-10-12
Strictly Limited Games has opened preorders for Irem Collection Volume 3 Collector's Edition for Nintendo Switch. The shoot-em-up compilation includes Mr. Heli, Mystic Riders and Dragon Breed soundtracks pressed on compact disc.

Multidirectional-scrolling shoot-em-up Mr. Heli, featuring music by Masahiko Ishida, arrived in arcades in 1987 and was ported to the PC-Engine console in Japan. The English-language localization appeared in the West under the title "Battle Chopper," and was treated to a Wii U virtual console release in 2008.

Horizontally scrolling shoot-em-upDragon Breed appeared in arcades in 1989. The player controls both crossbow-wielding King Kayus and his dragon Bahamoot, capable of deflect incoming projectiles with its tail. Music for the game is by Masahiko Ishida, credited as GEEO. Coinciding with the release of the game, an 84-track soundtrack and sound effects compilation was published by Pony Canyon on compact disc.

Mystic Riders arrived in arcades in 1992. The fantasy shoot-em-up, developed by Hammering Harry design team members, supports local two-player co-op. Protagonists Mark and Zeal use their magic and brooms to their advantage as they progress through each stage. Music for the game is by Air Buster sound designers Tatsuya Watanabe and Seiichi Aizu.

ININ Games will publish the digital edition of Irem Collection Volume 3 in collaboration with Tozai Games, due out in 2024 for PS4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

From the product page:
Mr. Heli/Battle Chopper: Players take control of the aforementioned Mr. Heli on his journey to save the world. Could it be any other way? However, Mr. Heli has a few tricks up his sleeve in terms of control and design. Gone are the days of merely moving from left to right on the screen. Considered a multidirectional scrolling shoot 'em up, players can control Mr. Heli in a 360ยฐ fashion! Mr. Heli has even more tricks up his sleeve, including a forward-firing gun, upwards shooting missiles, and bombs that roll across the ground like they're in a bowling alley!

Mystic Riders: You can play as either Mark or Zeal, using their magic and broom to your advantage as you progress through each stage. You can also fling your broom in a boomerang fashion to block projectiles or get a taste of an early version of the dodge roll, a move that is now common in gaming. The best part? Your friend can join in too, as Mystic Riders supports local two-player co-op!

Dragon Breed: Assume the role of King Kayus and his trusty dragon, Bahamoot. Players have separate control over both characters, enabling independent movements and attacks. Bahamooth is invincible and can deflect incoming projectiles with his tail, while Kayus can shoot down approaching enemies with his crossbow. Originally released in 1989 in Japanese arcades, "Dragon Breed's" inclusion in the Irem Collection Volume 3 marks its first console release outside of Japan!
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