Industries of Titan: Under Construction Soundtrack on Epic Games

Jerry on 2023-02-01
Developed and published by Brace Yourself Games in Vancouver, simulation-strategy title Industries of Titan 1.0 has launched for Windows through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Set on Saturn's moon, players are challenged to create a sprawling industrial city. To stake a claim on the industries of Titan, collect construction materials and rare artifacts locked away in ancient ruins while competing in technological brinkmanship to edge out corporate rivals.

The 21-track soundtrack album "Industries of Titan: Under Construction" by Danny Baranowsky is available for purchase as downloadable contents through Steam and the Epic Games Store. Music from the 1.0 edition is also streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

The Solace EP from 2019 is on Bandcamp, decorated with cover illustration by concept artist Bogdan Tufecciu.

From the product page:
As the Founder of a new city-corporation, and backed by the unforgiving and mysterious Council, you've been granted new headquarters in Titan's inhospitable atmosphere. There, you'll need to explore the ruins of a forgotten civilization while bearing the onslaught of ruthless rebels and competition from your corporate rivals. The Council expects much from you. Do you have what it takes to truly thrive?
Epic Games Store - Industries of Titan: Under Construction Soundtrack

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