Gimmick! soundtrack CD pressed by iam8bit

Jerry on 2020-11-16
Publisher iam8bit has remastered the Gimmick! soundtrack for compact disc. Music from the Sunsoft platformer is composed by Masashi Kageyama.

"Mr. Gimmick" made its debut for the Nintendo Famicom in Japan on January 31st, 1992. Directed by Tomomi Sakai, Gimmick! pushed the limits of the 8-bit console, appearing at the tail-end of the Famicon era. Retrospectively, the game has received praise for its challenging gameplay and colorful visual design. Four tracks from the music score can be previewed on iam8bit's SoundCloud channel.

The Gimmick! soundtrack CD ships with a double-sided foldout poster, with original album art by Gabe Swarr. Shipping is available through distributor iam8bit Asia.

iam8bit Asia - Gimmick! CD

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