Final Fantasy: The Preludes Since 1987 CD restocked during TGS

Jerry on 2022-09-15
Compilation album "Final Fantasy: The Preludes Since 1987" debuted during the Tokyo Game Show in 2019. The compact disc release ships domestically amidst the Tokyo Game Show event this week from the Square Enix online store for North America and Europe.

The 25-track compilation showcases numerous arrangements of Nobuo Uematsu's "Prelude" theme. They include tracks featured in the first eleven mainline titles, along with three renditions from XIV's massively multiplayer online installment, three arrangements from the THEATRHYTHM rhythm game, and two tracks from the Final Fantasy Fables games.

Ending theme "Shizuka" from the PlayStation 4 dynamic theme can be previewed on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher. Sales of the item will end on October 13th.

Square Enix store North America - FINAL FANTASY THE PRELUDES SINCE 1987 [CD]

Square Enix store Europe - FINAL FANTASY THE PRELUDES SINCE 1987 [CD]