Eschatos treated to Special Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Jerry on 2023-05-18
Strictly Limited Games has announced the Special Limited Edition release of Qute Corporation's Eschatos for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The physical edition bundles the Xbox 360 vertical scrolling shoot-em-up with WonderSwan console spiritual predecessors Judgement Silversword and Cardinal Sins. The box set ships with three compact discs, including original tracks, arrangements, and the Judgement Silversword soundtrack.

First launched in 2011 for the Xbox 360 console, Eschatos depicts an alien invasion, dubbed the "Purple Erosion," threatening earth in the 22nd century. The player controls the FV-30MZ Arcam spacefaring fighter jet in a mission to challenge the alien base located on the earth's moon.

Eschatos for consoles allows for three different background music modes—original score, arranged soundtrack, and higher resolution remastered soundtrack. The music score by Yousuke Yasui and arranged soundtrack by Hiroto Saitoh are available for purchase separately through Steam.

From the product page:
Play in three different game modes: the classic shooter "ORIGINAL MODE", with power-ups in "ADVANCED MODE", and race against the clock in "TIME ATTACK MODE". Endless fun with three distinct game modes! Choose from three different BGM sound sources! Available in "ORIGINAL BGM", "ARRANGED BGM", and "REMASTERED BGM" (high-resolution ver. of ORIGINAL BGM). Enjoy the increased depth of sound while keeping the original FM sound source as a base.
Strictly Limited - Eschatos Special Limited Edition - Nintendo Switch

Strictly Limited - Eschatos Special Limited Edition - PlayStation 4