Enter the Gungeon Anniversary Edition soundtrack pressed to triple vinyl

Jerry on 2021-05-06
Publisher Devolver Digital has opened preorders for the Enter the Gungeon Anniversary Edition soundtrack by Doseone, published as a deluxe triple vinyl set.

Expected to ship in December, the item includes 29 music tracks from Enter the Gungeon and nine additional tracks from sequel Exit The Gungeon. Mastering is by frequent Laced Records collaborator Joe Caithness, with pop-up sleeve by Joseph Harmon.

Devolver originally published the Enter the Gungeon: Heart in Halves vinyl EP in 2006, with Laced Records of London. Recorded by Oakland-based songwriter Adam Drucker, aka Doseone, the digital edition of the EP is available through Bandcamp.

Dodge Roll Games' dungeon crawler is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems through Steam. The digital soundtracks for Enter the Gungeon and Exit The Gungeon. are available for purchase through Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify.

From the product page:
This selection of 38 anthemic and angular bangers spans the series (29 tracks from Enter the Gungeon, 9 from Exit The Gungeon) with each vinyl side a seamless suite of hyper music. Tracks have been specially mastered for vinyl by Joe Caithness, and will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g, colour-in-colour discs. This Limited Edition vinyl set features an eye-popping pop-up sleeve by Joseph Harmon.
Devolver Digital - (OUT OF STOCK)