Elevator Action Returns soundtrack ascends onto streaming services

Jerry on 2012-06-12
Taito's music score from arcade action title Elevator Action Returns is available through streaming services Apple Music and Spotify. First published in part to compact disc in 1995 as part of Scitron's 2000 Series, alongside Puzzle Bobble and Rayforce soundtracks, the expanded twenty-track album is by Border Down composer Yasuhisa Watanabe, aka Yack..

Four tracks from Elevator Action Returns appear on the vinyl album release "Zuntata Arcade Classics Volume One," available for purchase domestically through Brooklyn-based publisher Ship to Shore. The physical edition, pressed to yellow and black vinyl, features "System Down," "Blow Up," "Elevator Action '95" and "Colors of Nights," remastered using source files.

"Red After Image," from the arcade release and Sega Saturn port, appears on the 2012 retrospective album "Cozmo: Zuntata 25th Anniversary." An excerpt from the track is streaming on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher.

From the vinyl release product page:
Legendary Japanese video game developer Taito has always had one constant throughout most of its existence: incredible soundtracks by in-house band ZUNTATA. Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the first volume in a series of compilations showcasing the incredible work that ZUNTATA did on Taito's arcade titles. Volume one contains selections from Night Striker, Metal Black and Elevator Action Returns, three classics from the early 90s.
Ship to Shore - Zuntata Arcade Classics Volume One
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