Cuphead’s Xbox Anniversary Update adds Music Player

Jerry on 2023-09-27
Cuphead’s Xbox Anniversary Update launches as an automatic download on Friday, September 29th, adding archive photos, behind-the-scenes videos, and an in-game music player.

The bonus content includes over one hundred resolution photos from the MDHR archives, revealing never-before-seen concept art and unused illustrations. The music player contains 86 tracks, playable all in one place. "For example, on the Music Player screen, players will notice a gramophone sitting on a table," reads the announcement post. "[T]his is a real piece of 1930s ephemera that the team acquired and photographed in detail to include."

Developed by StudioMDHR, the run-and gun title pays homage to the zany surrealist visual style of 1930s cartoons. Maddigan's digital soundtrack for Cuphead is streaming on Apple Music and Amazon Music. The behind-the-scenes content is set to a MIDI demo track predating the release of the independently developed title.

Record iam8bit previously published the 2-CD set "Cuphead Songs & Sketches." The collection of jazz and big band songs were packaged with extensive liner notes by composer Kristofer Maddigan. Previously unreleased tracks “The Bitter End” and “Tombstone Tango” appeared on the album, alongside demos of "Inkwell Isle One," "Aviary Action" and "Honeycomb Herald." Mastering for the CD release is by Wreckhouse Mastering.

Xbox - Cuphead’s Xbox Anniversary Update

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