Super Hydorah soundtrack by Gryzor87 released through Steam

Jerry on 2023-09-28
The Super Hydorah digital soundtrack, composed by Gryzor87, is now available for purchase through Steam. 77 tracks in length, the hourlong music score is inspired by the classic shoot-em-ups of the 1980's.

Spanish independent developer Locomalito partnered with Abylight Studios to produce the Collector's Edition physical release of the sidescrolling science fiction title for Nintendo Switch. The limited edition box set includes both a 56-page full-color making-of book and single-CD soundtrack album digipack. The enhanced port of the sprite-based game spans 21 areas, divided into 35 sublevels.

Super Hydorah is currently available for iOS devices, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch consoles, along with Windows through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

From the liner notes:
Real synthesizers’ models like the Korg TR-Rack or the 05R/W have been used, in addition to virtual models like Jupiter 8V, Hypersonic2, FM7, FM8, among others. Also, I’ve recorded direct sound from a replica of a 1622 virginal muselaar builded by myself. You can listen this instrument in the later stages.

Regarding music composition, I wanted to bring a modern touch with retrospective to the classic roots of sci-fi and the shmup arcades. To name a few references: Ulysse 31: This TV serie had direct and punchy themes. Some like Space-Rock from the beginnings of the 80s. Gradius (I-IV/ Gaiden/MSX)
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