Gryzor87 makes Hydorah digital soundtrack free to download

Jerry on 2012-01-14
Super Hydorah soundtrack by Gryzor87 free to download.

From the product page:
Real synthesizers’ models like the Korg TR-Rack or the 05R/W have been used, in addition to virtual models like Jupiter 8V, Hypersonic2, FM7, FM8, among others. Also, I’ve recorded direct sound from a replica of a 1622 virginal muselaar builded by myself. You can listen this instrument in the later stages. Regarding music composition, I wanted to bring a modern touch with retrospective to the classic roots of sci-fi and the shmup arcades. To name a few references: Ulysse 31: This TV serie had direct and punchy themes. Some like Space-Rock from the beginnings of the 80s. Gradius (I-IV/ Gaiden/MSX) - Hydorah soundtrack
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