Chip Tanaka second album "Domingo" published through Bandcamp

Jerry on 2020-11-21
Influential Tokyo-based game composer Chip Tanaka has published his second album, titled "Domingo," available for purchase through Bandcamp.

Tanaka's previous release, titled "Django," received a vinyl soundtrack pressing from publisher Fangamer in Tucson, and is available for preorder through Black Screen Records in Cologne. The reggae, dub, and techno concept album, evoking images of nighttime, the ocean, outer space, and vintage computers, contains music tracks "Calm Sea," "Hammerhead Shark Song," "Tubeworm Dub," "Moonchild," "Oppama," "Song For Stars," "Guiding Light Dub," "Plasma," "Momongah," "Rad Bat," and "Night Flight."

"Domingo" is available for streaming through the Apple Music and Spotify platforms. Fangamer plans on pressing the album to vinyl "later this winter."

From the product page:
Three years after delighting music lovers around the world with his debut solo album Django, CHIP TANAKA is back and ready to release his highly anticipated second album: Domingo. Video game fans know him as Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, the pioneer artist who began spinning chipsounds into videogame music in 1980 while working as a sound engineer at Nintendo. In addition to composing music for legendary games like Metroid, Super Mario Land, and Earthbound, his storied career includes writing and arranging numerous theme songs for the Pokémon animated films and TV series.