Castlevania: Lament of Innocence soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2021-12-20
Set in the early 20th century and starring Leon Belmont, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (HD) debuted in late 2003 for the PlayStation 2 console.

Armed with the Whip of Alchemy, Leon Belmont is tasked with rescuing his betrothed from a haunted Castle.

Another foray into 3D Harmony features six-player co-op, pairing playable characters from 2D titles in the series, including Alucard, Soma Cruz, and Shanoa. The digital soundtrack by Yasuhiro Ichihashi (The Dracula X Chronicles) and Tomoaki Hirono (Suikoden Tierkreis) is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Arrangements from previous Castlevania titles include composer Michiru Yamane's "Castle Corridor" from Aria of Sorrow, "After Confession" and " Dark Night" by Masahiko Kimura from Dawn of Sorrow, asl well as Yamane's "Hail from the Past," "Gaze Up at the Darkness," "Piercing Silence" and "Esquisse of Violence" from Portrait of Ruin.

The 39-track soundtrack will be included in the "Music for Castlevania" Aka (Red) 13-CD box set, available for preorder through CDJapan and Play-Asia, with shipping estimated for December 15.

CDJapan - Music From Castlevania - Aka (Red)

Play-Asia - Music From Castlevania - Aka (Red)